Between Clients
Between Clients
As a freelance data scientist, I use time between client engagements to up-skill and pursue professional interests that I wouldn't otherwise be able to.

At the end of the summer I had time between engagements to work on some side projects and grapple with some new (to me) libraries and technologies.

During August and September 2019, I:

  1. Practiced creating websites using the Django web-framework

  2. Investigated and demo'ed django-plotly-dash - a library that allows exposing Plotly Dash apps to django projects

  3. Built a personal finance dashboard using Plotly Dash and began turning it into a web app using Django and django-plotly-dash.

  4. Interviewed for a role at and created this investigation as a technical exercise.

  5. Created a company "Atlas Consulting Internatonal" to facilitate life as a freelance data scientist and consultant.

  6. Spent a lot of time working at the cafe in IKEA because my co-working space wouldn't let me stay late or work on public holidays

  7. Introduced myself to this new coworking space and suggested we could work together to create the best tech-focussed startup hub and coworking space in the Netherlands.

  8. Bought our first car. It required a lot more time and research than I expected.

  9. Created Texni Data Consultancy with Dan Caputo to provide data strategy consultancy services.

  10. Built the website for Texni Data using django and deployed it to Heroku with a custom domain name.

  11. Deployed a django app to Google Cloud Platform using App Engine.

  12. Created a business website to represent my work as a freelance data scientist and made my blog a subdomain of this site.

  13. Moved my blog off of github pages and onto firebase. Thanks Github for several years of simple trouble free hosting.

  14. Experimented with using storage buckets on Google Cloud Platform to host static sites and serve them over SSL. My conclusion is that serving static sites using storage buckets is great - it's simple, quick and cheap (free). But adding SSL proved too difficult. I spent too many hours trying to create a loadbalancer that would work for both the root domain and also a subdomain In the end I found out about firebase. Firebase is also quick and cheap (free) and simple enough to pick-up quickly.

  15. Created a photo book using PhotoBox that turned out great. It covers the last 3.5 years and is mostly full of snapshots of our kids and selfies with Ritsya.

  16. Chose a primary school for my daughter to go to next year.