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I developed a customGPT to answer questions about this site. It had this to say:

John Mathews' personal website showcases a blend of technical expertise and personal reflections, creating a unique online presence. The website is currently built using Next.js, a modern web framework built on JavaScript. This represents a shift from its earlier incarnation, which was created using Python and Pelican. John maintains the older version of the blog at a subdomain, indicating his willingness to preserve his digital history and his enjoyment of experimenting with web technologies.

The content on the website is cleverly organized to cater to different audiences. John has divided his blog posts into two main categories: technical and non-technical. This division allows visitors to easily navigate to content that aligns with their interests. If a visitor arrives at the blog through a link to a technical article, the site will then prioritize showing them other technical articles, and vice versa for non-technical content. This user experience is enhanced by the use of web development techniques such as tailwind and jQuery, reflecting John's skills in creating an interactive and user-friendly website.

In terms of content, the 'Technical' category likely includes posts related to John's work as a data scientist, python developer, and full-stack developer, where he applies his expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and web development across various domains. The 'Non-technical' category might include more personal reflections, hobbies, and interests, providing a holistic view of John as both a professional and an individual. The blog also features a category labeled 'Everything', which presumably includes all posts irrespective of their technical nature.

For a more detailed professional background, the 'About' page on John's website offers a comprehensive look into his career and skill set. It highlights his experience in data science, web development, and blockchain technology, along with his work with startups and large corporations. John's academic credentials, including a PhD in engineering and a qualification as an accountant (ICAEW), are also mentioned, showcasing his diverse expertise and commitment to lifelong learning and innovation.

Overall, John Mathews' website is a testament to his multifaceted interests and abilities, merging his professional achievements with personal insights and creating a platform that is both informative and engaging.

About Me

Hello! I'm a python developer and data scientist with a passion for building things with code.

This site is a mixture of my notes, a portfolio and a record of my hobbies and interests. It might be morphing into a Zettelkasten. It's a personal project and somewhere I can experiment with web and cloud technologies.

Most of my work is as a freelance data-scientist. I also do web development and blockchain infrastructure work. More information about my work can be found here.

My profile

John is a data scientist and full-stack developer with over six years of experience in applying data analytics, machine learning, and web development to various domains and industries. He is the founder of Lettergun, a service that produces realistic handwritten notes, written by robots. He is also a data science consultant at Equal Experts, where he works with large and small organizations to solve complex problems with data-driven solutions.

John has a diverse and versatile skill set, ranging from accounting and auditing to natural language processing and blockchain technology. He has worked with startups and corporations, such as Blockport, Bitnation, Shell, and Uber, developing data engineering, analysis, and visualization pipelines, designing and implementing NLP machine learning models and web applications, and writing about blockchain and data analytics on his blog.

John holds an engineering PhD and is a qualified accountant (ICAEW). He enjoys delivering value and innovation whilst working with many stakeholders. He is passionate about being a generalist, learning new things, and sharing his work and interests with others.-


If you have questions, comments or find a mistake, you can find me on twitter or email. Thanks for reading!

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