2021: Freelance Senior Data Scientist - Wayfair

2021: Freelance Blockchain Developer - Bitladon

Blockchain integrations for a cryptocurrency broker. Deploying and managing nodes for networks including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cardano, Tron, and others. Ansible and Docker were used to configuration and deployment.

The Rosetta API was used to create workflows including generating batches of addresses, notifying services about deposits, and treasury management.

2020: Technical Founder and Web Developer

PipPip.email: Event-driven and long-term scheduled email delivery. Focus on writing then relax knowing that scheduled delivery is guaranteed.

MoneyBar.nl Personal financial dashboard and data driven web-app.

2019: Freelance Data Scientist - Shell (Exploration)

"John is a creative and conscientious software engineer, who understands business requirements well and translating those into applications under tight deadlines. Highly recommended." - ** Principal Geoscientist**

NLP, data driven web-apps, mentoring. Working as an internal consultant I developed and delivered a range of tools. I worked with a wide variety of stakeholders and prioritized understanding business needs and defining scopes, whilst using agile development practices. I advised my team on software development practices and tooling decisions, and mentored junior members to improve their coding and business skills. Tools included Python, and used Plot.ly Dash, WSL, and Azure

2019: Freelance Data Analyst - Uber

"John played a big role helping my team get our biggest and most challenging analytics tool across the line. He ramped up quickly, communicated well and was always responsive." - Sankari Nair, Lead Analytics Manager

Developed an analytics tool using Python and Plot.ly Dash. The tool has a broad scope covering multiple regions, scales and business lines. I re-designed the app for scalability, maintainability and performance whilst increasing functionality, and provided a flexible foundation for new features to be developed after I left the project. Challenges included building custom visualizations, refactoring legacy code, and processing large data sets efficiently.

2018: Data Specialist - Blockport

Design, create and maintain internal data tools for a cryptocurrency exchange. As the only data specialist, I did whatever needed to be done. I delivered tools to provide business insights including management information, fraud analysis, tax reporting, KPI tracking, regulatory compliance and marketing and growth. I also delivered sentiment analysis of key social media channels.

I worked with stakeholders across the business including back-end, founders, customer support, finance, DevOps and growth teams.

Tools included: Python, Bokeh, Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery, DataStore, Data Studio), PostgreSQL.

Blockport has been bought by Bux

2017: Freelance Financial Consultant

Technical design and execution of a novel cryptographic crowd-funding method. Whilst working with a tech startup as a financial accountant, I worked with stakeholders and external developers to design, test and execute an initial coin offering (ICO). I also led investor relations throughout the funding round and provided book-keeping services.

2014: PwC Assurance - Banking & Capital Markets

Data engineering and analytics Deliver the ETL pipeline, analysis and visualization of large financial datasets including financial journals and loan books. As a chartered accountant and external financial auditor of clients in banking and capital markets in London (HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, BNP Paribas) I facilitated the transfer of data from client systems before transforming and loading them into our on-prem SQL environments. We recalculated clients' financial statements and mined the data for additional value-add insights.

I also qualified as a chartered accountant with the ICAEW.

2010: PhD: Geotechnical Engineering Research

In 2010 I began my PhD researching granular materials at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria.

Information about my research of silos and granular flows can be found here.

2009: Masters Degree: Civil and Environmental Engineering

During my final year at Edinburgh University the Great Recession arrived. After I graduated I found a job at Starbucks and became curious about finance. I resolved to one day understand "how banks work".