Design Patterns

Design patterns are generalized abstractions that solve common problems and help engineers create complex code reliably and quickly. I first heard about design patterns from Aaron Maxwell in his Powerful Python newsletter, and made some notes in an earlier article.

Then the YouTube algorithm put the following video on my front page, and down the rabbit hole I went.

Take a look at the Borg design pattern.

These are some additional resources:

  1. Java Design Patterns
  2. SourceMaking
  3. python-3-patterns-idioms-test
  4. fair repo (and my fork)

Some pdf resources, including the GoF book:

  1. [All the GoF patterns](/documents/design-patterns/All the GoF Patterns.pdf)
  2. GoF_Design_Patterns_Reference
  3. c logica GoF catalogue
  4. Design-Patterns
  5. [securing GoF design patterns](/documents/design-patterns/securing GoF design petterns.pdf)
  6. Wikipedia page about GoF book.