Most Data Work Seems Fundamentally Worthless

A blog article that overlaps with a few ideas and feelings I've been trying to pin down.

Compare it to "A project of ones own" by Paul Graham.

What I like about this article is that the author has managed to speak to others and advance his understanding of the problems and various solutions - I have not. I also like the honesty and frank nature of the writing.

  • I want to prioritise meaningful work and a balanced lifestyle above being financially rich and stressed.
  • It's important to me to create something useful.
  • My work needs to have meaning.
  • Normal isn't OK.

I've been thinking about non-profit work, or academia. After reading this, I'm more likely to consider academia.

A related blog post: Goodbye, Data Science

  • the author trades data science for data engineering
  • does publicising a view make it more likely that others will publish similar views?

doer vs thinker, internal vs external