My Life Expectancy

Key points:

  1. Weight doesn't matter.
  2. Be in "excellent" health.
  3. Workout 3 or 4 times a week.
  4. Drink liquor (or red wine) 3 or 4 times a week (after each workout).
  5. Try to be happy, optimistic and relaxed. What are you working so hard for anyway? You need something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.

Longevity Calculations

I was playing with the life expectancy calculator at blueprintincome1 and was surprised to find that their regression technique gives me a 50% chance of living to 95! I'd expected a result closer to 80.

After printing out a 90 year calendar, my next thought was to play with the calculator to find the maximum age I could have a 50% chance of reaching.

Doing the factors below would apparently give me:

  • 75% chance of living to 92
  • 50% change of living to 101
  • 25% chance of living to 107

Don't workout every day

There is no additional benefit from working out more than 4 times a week. Once you're fit and working out 4 times a week it doesn't matter if you do more exercise.

Being in "excellent" health is better than being in "very good" health though, so make the workouts count. I guess if it didn't make a difference then it wouldn't be excellent in the first place.

Drink more alcohol

I was surprised that having 3-4 drinks each week increases your life expectancy. I thought that it was best to not drink any alcohol at all.

I should be drinking red wine or liquor 3 or 4 times each week. Liquor increases longevity in men, but reduces longevity for women. Red wine increases longevity in women, but has no effect in men2. I guess I should drink some rum after each workout.

Weight doesn't make a different

According to their regression, my expected longevity is unchanged within a weight range of 78kg - 90kg. I guess it's much more important that I'm in "excellent" health, working out 4 times a week and having some wine, rum, or whiskey after each workout.

But it's just statistics

The calculator only asks for quantifiable or physical attributes. It doesn't consider emotional, relational or spiritual factors.


  1. There is also a more detailed calculator at projectbiglife, it's calibrated for Canadian citizens.

  2. alcohol consumption in later life and reaching longevity: the netherlands cohort study