Reading: April 2018
A list of interesting things. June 2018


  • Mental models A comprehensive list organised around different disciplines. It a long read but probably one of the most easy to apply and tangibly useful articles I've read recently.

  • Life is short - Is life actually short, or would we always want more time, no matter how much we could have?

  • Invisible asymptotes - A well written and long look at various facets of business strategy.

  • Factors from scratch - Investing: A unified framework to explain how factors work.

  • This is tragic - "...But I do think this highlights the potential disconnects between mental health & business, publicity & success, and success & happiness. The internet can seem so intimate but ultimately it’s a thin view of an individual’s or company’s reality."

  • Vim after 15 years

  • Cryptocurrency regulations around the world

  • On the 2008 financial crisis - "I’m not sure if it’s philosophically possible for an action to be both necessary and a disaster, but that in essence is what the bailouts were."


  • Jill Carlson on the "What Bitcoin Did" podcast. “For the first time there is no longer a monopoly on the creation of value or monetary systems, that is really What Bitcoin Did.”

  • Georges St-Pierre on the Joe Rogan podcast. A long and candid conversation from one of the world's best athletes.

  • Ricardo Spagni a.k.a Fluffypony on Monero vs Bitcoin, EOS, the current bear market, Tari, and ASICs.